Branded Email AddressesBusiness Card with Branded Email Address

Branded Email Addresses

Can you spot the difference? Your clients can. A branded email addresssays a lot about a company. It doesn't matter what industry you are in or how great your company is, if you have an email address like, you are going to look like a fly by night company.

The benefits of branded email addresses

  1. You can keep them forever. You will always get that important email from potential clients because your address stays the same.
  2. You can forward it to any existing email account including Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail.
  3. Branded email addresses are easier to remember because they are the same as your domain name.
  4. If you change internet providers your email address does not have to change. ie: if you change from cable internet to DSL, you do not have to change email addresses like you would for emails ending in,,,
  5. You appear more professional. Branded email addresses on business cards, logos, and print media simply look better.
  6. You get your pick of names. Names like may not be available but I can always get instead of