SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates (aka: secure socket layer)

Back in the day, you only needed SSL on your website if you were completing transactions, such as payments and others. Not the case anymore. Search engines are improving every day, and one of the ways they are improving is by trying to protect its customers (aka the people browsing the web). Search engines now warn you if a site is not secure (doesn't have a proper SSL certificate in place). Large browsers like Google and Bing recommend all websites that accept any kind of personal information from a consumer (think name, email address, etc) be secured with a SSL certificate. And if you are not, they will notify the customer (sometimes with a huge pop up box telling the customer not to proceed or trust this site).

Bottom line, you need a SSL certificate on your website. We can purchase and install for you for only $99. Give us a call today and we can make it happen.