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Do you need dependable employees, but staffing companies are bleeding you dry? Think about it, a hiree from a staffing company usually costs your company double their hourly wage for the first 700+ hours, plus a $1000-$3000 buyout at the end so you can hire them and start paying them directly. So hiring even the entry level employee from a staffing agency is costing your company $5000-$8000 MORE than you are paying that employee.

Why not just find the right employee yourself and hire? Because you don't have the time. Let us do it for you. We'll find the right employee, do all the leg work, and send you the finalists to review and hire. It's that simple. And you save 80% of the costs of hiring by using Evolve the Brand.

Terms: $75/hr plus expenses (pass-through), $500 bonus after 30 days of employment, no hourly buyout 

Choose your level of service: 

Evolve the Brand will post job listing on your behalf and prescreen candidates for hire. Services entail:

  • Source and recruit candidates for job description
  • Review candidate responses/resumes, narrow down results to fit
  • Phone interview/in-person interviews
  • Background check (usually $100 per applicant)
  • Reference check
  • Present designated number of final applicants for personal interview with client

Benefits of using Evolve the Brand instead of staffing agency:

  • Save thousands of dollars with no hourly upcharge (pay your new employee agreed upon salary from day 1)
  • Choose your budget (most thorough job searches start to finish range from 10-20 hrs billed)
  • Applicants come from larger job search pool than staffing agency.
  • Customized results. We are not trying to “place” our candidates, we are finding you the best fit for your company.