Support for 501c3 Charities

Get more for your 501(c)3 Charity

Looking for ways to expand your reach but don't have the budget to do it? We can help. If you qualify, we can get you up to $20,000/mo of free advertising services for your 501(c)3 charity.

$20,000 a month in FREE advertising

Think about what that could do for your charity. For your cause. It's worth looking in to. Regardless of your mission, increased visibility and reach goes a long way. For raising money. For getting people to show up to your events. For getting your cause out there.

Case Study: One church's success story

  • 3x Easter Attendance
  • 60% More VBS (vacation bible school) Attendance
  • Increased Membership
  • Increased Worship Services Attendance
  • Increased Tithing/Donations
  • Increased Website Traffic

Think about your mission. Would that mission be more attainable if more people were listening? If more people knew about it? The opportunities for 501(c)3 accredited charities to gain free services and advertising are often overlooked, or so convoluted that most charities don't know how to qualify for them. We know how, and we can help your charity get the exposure it needs to succeed.

Other services/software you may be eligible for:

  • Microsoft products (software, windows 10, office products, etc)
  • Microsoft Exchange Office 365 email accounts (up to 50 per organization free)
  • Norton Antivirus for office computers
  • Microsoft server software
  • Adobe Acrobat (as low as $5 per user)
  • Symantec (Norton) Antivirus (as low as $4 per user) 

    And much more.

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